Promote your business to the world’s fastest-growing luxury market!

What is TOUT

There are many luxury lifestyle magazines but TOUT is unique in that it caters specifically to Russian people with an international
outlook. The magazine, supported by the online version, communicates directly with an audience that is mobile, wealthy,
buoyant and dynamic.

TOUT offers its readers exposure to a world of enjoyment and possibilities, whilst offering its advertisers exposure to one of the
largest and most vibrant markets within the luxury segment. Through its distribution, online presence, business fairs and indeed
attendance at and organisation of high society events, TOUT is uniquely placed to offer direct communication of your brand or
service to a market you cannot miss out on.

Who reads TOUT

TOUT has been created specifically to appeal to Russia’s social elite, for whom the best that
money can buy is sine qua non, rather than mere aspiration. Therefore it is no surprise that
most of the readers tend to have access to a high income and fall into an age group that
stretches from mid-20s to middle age.

TOUT readers also travel widely and prefer to purchase items that reflect an international
focus; top quality, high profile brands are favoured. Companies seen to advertise in TOUT
will be guaranteed a readership with a disposable income unrivalled in Europe today.

Where is TOUT distributed

Ultimately a publication of this kind is only as good as its distribution, and in this respect the pattern reflects a
dual focus, with primary distribution in Russia supported by focused distribution in those centres with sizeable
communities of affluent Russian expatriates. The latter include Marbella, London, Paris, Monaco, the Côte
d’Azur and Switzerland.

Distribution is furthermore highly focused, concentrating exclusively on luxury hotels, renowned restaurants,
golf and country clubs, first class lounges and business lounges at airports and on high-speed trains, at selective
business and conference centres, spa resorts, government buildings, yacht clubs and at sporting venues such
as VIP lounges at prominent stadia, motor racing and horse racing hospitality, racket clubs, polo and at
appropriate events and millionaires’ fairs.

Initial quantities stand at 35,000 copies, with planned increases as the
geographical reach of the magazine expands and the possibility of kiosk
distribution arises. TOUT is supported by a website with an online
magazine that supports the publication, both in content and in terms of