Bespoke Absolut Elyx Jewellery for a Worthy Cause

Absolut Elyx have celebrated their five-year partnership with Water For People with the creation of five bespoke, hand-made bottle-toppers and matching pendants. Designed by jeweller Dominic Jones, the limited edition collection is being sold together with an Elyx pineapple-serving vessel, with 100 per cent of proceeds from the sales donated to the charity.

Absolut Elyx and Water for People share a joint mission to bring safe water to people, with both firmly committed to “integrity, creativity and sustainability, joining forces to facilitate change for generations to come”.

Jones says it is an honour to work with Absolut Elyx “and to have my work help support such an incredible charity. The work they do is helping to save lives and create a future for whole communities through something as simple as water, which we are privileged to access so easily and take for granted every day.”

Set into rose gold casing, his bottle-toppers include a hand-carved rock crystal, representing flowing water. The set is complete with a matching pendant, reflecting the copper colours of the Elyx bottle.

Three of the five bottle-topper and pendant units are still available. Price: £2,000 (€2,650). /