The World’s First Truly Luxurious Beer: Brasserie de Monaco

Set in a prime spot in the heart of Monaco’s illustrious Port Hercules and with a heritage that spans back to 1905, the Brasserie de Monaco is the only brewing house in the Principality. The Brasserie de Monaco claims to be the world’s first producer of truly luxurious beer and has the aim of redefining the nature of beer drinking.

Luxury and Quality

brasserie-de-monaco-luxury-beer-1Fabien Audouy, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Brasserie de Monaco, commented on the qualities that discern the luxurious brand:

La Brasserie de Monaco is one of the oldest industries of the principality.We are proud of our identity and our origins – that we created the red bottle and the first luxury beer that is representative of the Monaco lifestyle.

Our beers epitomise the expertise of the Brasserie de Monaco. Therecipe has been refined over the years in order to adapt the traditional recipes to modern brewing techniques. Creativity, passion and boldness are part of our difference and enable our products to embody all facets of elegance and refinement.

We’ve reinvented the beer with the creation of the first luxury beer. We rely on a unique manufacturing process with carefully selected ingredients. Our beers are proudly served at the tables of Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury hotels and trendy places worldwide. Our products have changed the perception of beer, putting it on a par with other beverages that were considered more prestigious

As described by major players in China, the Brasserie de Monaco is the ‘Chanel of the beer industry.’ From the conscious choice of a red and white bottle to the premium ingredients that fill it up, and the casino chip coaster upon which it sits, everything about the selection of Brasserie de Monaco beers exudes superiority and sophistication: you can expect your Brasserie de Monaco beer to taste slightly better because of the amount of sunlight that permeates the red glass of the bottle; and only premiumhops and malt are used in the production of their beverage.

Types of Beer

brasserie-de-monaco-luxury-beer-v-4There are two variations of beer that proudly bear the stamp of the Brasserie de Monaco: craft beer, which is brewed on site at the brewing facility/restaurant on Port Hercules and sold at the venue, and the bottled variety, which is produced in the surrounding region and shipped to approximately 15 or 20 countries worldwide, including China, Lebanon, and Russia. In spite of great demand, there is currently no plan to export the beer to Belgium.

One of Monaco’s most distinguished exports, the product is causing a stir on the international market, with companies vying for the opportunity to buy the product, which is distributed only to roughly 600 of the most exclusive pre-approved establishments, including roughly Michelin-starred restaurants and 5-star hotels.In bottles, there are three styles ofbeer: pilsner (sold in both glass and aluminium bottles), wheat, and red fruits.


  • Pilsner: the pilsner blends tradition and modernity, sweetness and bitterness, and fineness and character. The idea is to channel the authentic taste of the pilsner that has been produced by the Brasserie de Monaco since 1905, but with a modern twist.
  • Wheat:the wheat beer is made using real citrus fruits, which gives it a cloudy composition.The light and refreshing taste is testament to the historic recipe of the brewery.
  • Red fruits: this red-bodied variety of beer sports white foam, which replicates the colours of the Monegasque flag. Blending strawberry, blackcurrant and raspberry, the fruity beer is refreshing on a hot day.


Unique Partnerships

The Brasserie de Monaco is the only brewery in the world that partners with particular hotels and restaurants to produce limited edition bottles that are tailor-made. Recently, the Brasserie de Monaco has manufactured personalised bottles of its luxurious beer for Baoli in Cannes and La Chevre d’Or in Eze, to name but two.

Food Pairings

The Brasserie de Monaco’s partnership with fine restaurants has enabled a further luxurious enterprise: food pairings with beer. Due to the sumptuous taste of the beer, it has been possible to formulate fine pairings with the most delectable cuisine. La Chevre d’Orand the hotel’s previous chef, Chef Yvann Guglielmetti, were the most recent authorities to apply their culinary knowledge, much to the delight of beer connoisseurs. The food-pairing event was hugely successful, and encouraged diners to drink more of the luxurious Brasserie de Monaco beer than wine or champagne.