Healthouse Plan: Day 6

Good morning. The sixth day begins. Not long now before the experience ends.

9.00: Breakfast: melon juice, green tea and water. Toast with tomato, three slices of turkey and two biscuits with apricot marmalade.

10.00: Photo shoot at the Royal Suite. Carlos Slim stayed here. The shoot continues until almost 11.30, so I can’t attend my underwater massage session. Really good that, even before I can say anything, the problem is resolved and they find me a spot tomorrow. I eat my mid-morning snack (plum) and take advantage of the free time to have a long walk and a run. Yesterday, with so much hustle and bustle, and left with no battery power in the Fitbit, I didn’t reach 10,000 steps. Today I’ve compensated for this a bit: 17,306 steps, just over 12.3 kilometres.


13.30: Lunch. Today even better, if that’s possible. The menu…

-Flax lasagne with roasted mushrooms and truffle aroma (and with truffles as well).

-Avocado cannelloni filled with spider crab and brown crab, flax cocktail sauce, tomato and caramelised onion.

-Grilled squid with soya and crispy sprouts.

-Flakes of cinnamon yoghurt ice-cream.

15.30: Photo shoot. I enter the happiness factory at Healthouse – the kitchen. I meet the chefs, those who have made us yearn for their extraordinary gastronomy. Lovely people, passionate about their work. Also, if you prompt them enough, they’ll give you some advice. They explain to me that foodstuffs of the same colour (carrot-orange, beetroot-strawberry, tomato-watermelon) always marry well. You just have to add a little imagination and find the best combination. They prepare me the dishes for the photo shoot. I finish and take with me the pineapple for my snack.


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17.10: I arrive late for yoga.

18.30: To the beach to take some photos of the sunset and other images for the article.

19.45: Dinner, the menu…a

-Soup of winter vegetables. It’s not something that gets me excited; it comes as a purée of vegetables, and I haven’t wanted that since I was a child. But I eat it and it leaves me with a nice taste in the mouth.

-Tribute to Héctor Solís – hot Peruvian ceviche. Hot at the request of hotel clients. But it’s great.

-Guinea-fowl roasted at low temperature in a bed of chlorophyll.

-Bubbles of beetroot with mixed berries.

Until tomorrow.

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