Precision Quality with the ZEMI Aria Speaker

Sublime Sound

Being able to immediately play songs we are carrying in our pocket is something we have become used to these days. The digital music revolution enables us to store thousands of songs in our mobile devices, while at the same time encouraging manufacturers of high-fidelity systems to adapt their products and introduce to the market – with varying success – speakers that can take advantage of all the options provided by the latest music players.

However, with such a vast range available, it is difficult to choose a product that completely satisfies a consumer’s requirements for quality sound, power, immediacy and ease of use. If we are also seeking exceptional design, the task becomes even more complicated.

zemi-aria4The solution for readers faced with this dilemma recently arrived at the TOUT Magazine offices. The Italian-designed ZEMI Aria is a luxury audio system that uses high-fidelity Apple AirPlay and is equipped with Bluetooth technology – thus providing music lovers with incomparable sound quality and precision.

It is the result of collaboration between Italian speaker artisan Francesco Pellisari and artist, industrial designer and architect Ron Arad, with ZEMI Aria’s objective being to convert the speaker into an indispensable fixture in our homes.

Eager to try it out, but fearful of any potential mishap with the transport company, we completed our order. Fortunately, it arrived in perfect condition – in some of the most secure packaging we’ve ever seen. The box included a circular base, a remote control for power and volume, and power cords and USB connection.

It is an attractive sphere-shaped model in bright onyx (also available in an ivory colour), partially divided by its characteristic stainless steel grill. The genius of its design is highlighted by its simplicity; it would fit in with just about any room’s décor style while also standing out for its individuality and bold shape. In the end, what is the point of having a good speaker if you have to hide it because it’s too ugly?

And if it were also difficult to use? None of that! ZEMI have reinforced the minimalism of its design by extending it to the configuration and usage. Simply straightforward… In an instant your player is connected and ready to reproduce music via a Bluetooth connection. Or your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac via AirPlay. It also has extra accessories to connect with CD or record players through an analogue jack or 24 bit-96 kHz digital optical connection.

Refined Power and Quality Design

Dazzled by its impressive features and quality finish, we are anxious to test the ZEMI Aria’s sound. And we are pleased to be able to report that the sound is at the same high quality level as its design.

With power expressed in R.M.S. (known as “real watts”, the average and constant power offered by an amplifier), the ZEMI Aria has real power of 125 W (75 W woofer, 25 W + 25 W tweeter), which is sufficiently high and well-defined power for a medium-sized room. We would add that, if you need more potency for larger rooms, just opt for a high-fidelity system that is considerably more flashy and expensive – or go to the discotheque.

zemi-ariaThanks to its multi-directional technology system of wave emissions, the sound distribution is broad and uniform, equal to the audio results we are accustomed to with traditional music systems that have two separate speaker boxes. Having said that, in order to achieve the best results it is advisable to place the speaker at approximately hearing height in a corner of the room.

The ZEMI Aria has been designed to reproduce compressed digital files such as mp3, HD digital and analogue sound, but on this occasion we decided to push the ZEMI Aria to the threshold of its maximum power, while slightly controlling our iPhone’s volume level so as not to transmit undesirable distortions to the signal. Specifically, we played a “trick” song, the single “Angel” by Massive Attack, which features some substantial low-frequency bass notes as well as wonderful overtones in the mid to high ranges.

The result went beyond our expectations: the subwoofer reproduced bass at a high volume without distortion and without causing any annoying vibrations on the furniture where it was located. Likewise, the response from the tweeters was crystal-clear and full-bodied, allowing us to fully appreciate the song’s diverse sounds, nuances that would have been drowned out amidst the low-frequency sound waves of average-range speakers.

In conclusion, we can say with confidence that the ZEMI Aria is set to stand out among its rivals thanks to the overall combination of its features. Its rounded, balanced and powerful sound, together with its fantastic design and ease of use, make this speaker your perfect partner at home.

Available at Apple stores and selected dealers