Jimmy Choo Autumn/Winter 2016-17

Discovering a Stylish Balance… for Men and Women

It is the eternal quandary for fashionistas. Finding inspiration through a balance of latest chic trends, comfort and individuality. As Jimmy Choo notes with the launch of its new autumn/winter collection, “Every modern woman is immersed in a constant negotiation between the contradictions of her own personality and the world surrounding her.”

To help in that quest, creative director Sandra Choi has focused on contrasts in order to achieve harmony in this new collection: eclectic styles with a touch of “energetic opulence” for the modern woman. A diverse range of inspirations from military regime to Belle Époque, with a sensual palette of Art Nouveau colours, a touch of movement from the Edwardian era and the strength of women aviators…

As for the men… Sandra Choi describes the collection as a declaration of both belonging to a community – be it young culture, Teddy Boy, punk, raver – and maintaining your individuality. The result is a range built around “subversive elegance based on the foot, from which any man can build a new attitude… showing their affiliations through their clothes and footwear, and expressing themselves through their eccentricity and decadence”.