Josefinas Flats – The Most Expensive in the World

Ballet Beauty

It all began with a dream. Filipa Júlio wanted to create “casual, elegant footwear that would honour her past as a ballerina and the future of modern Portuguese women”, and she concluded that ballet flats would enable her to fulfil that dream.

“They would have to have personality,” she says, “to represent the excellence that comes through the hands of my country’s shoe craftsmen and, above all, to give a woman the elegance and confidence that a great pair of shoes can bring to your life.”

Her commitment to quality with the Josefinas collection (named after her grandmother) is stunningly manifested in the Blue Persian Salt range. Claimed by Filipa to be the most expensive ballet flats in the world (€3,369), they are hand-made from leather and embellished with jewellery made from gold and blue topazes.